Tomis Multimodal Services
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Thursday, February 21, 2019
Presently we are building a new operating concrete platform of 10000 sqm for advanced logistics activities, located in Constanta South Agigea Port.

Welcome to Tomis Multimodal Services

Through our global network, we offer a comprehensive portfolio of multimodal services from port services to warehousing and local distribution, chemical expertise, customs services, and more. That's why you can rely on Tomis Multimodal Services to deliver results.

At Tomis Multimodal Services we believe in giving solutions to problems, not avoiding them with excuses. We know that you will find our attention to detail a most refreshing change and we certainly look forward to hearing from you.
Tomis Multimodal Services
Constantza South Free Zone
Enclosure 1A, Wharehouse no. 135
T: +40 (737) 018 880
F: +40 (372) 877 517